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Job Training Search Tool

Find and compare training programs that are eligible for tuition assistance from the government
Mobile-optimized site to help job seekers find high-quality training that is eligible for publicly-funded tuition assistance.

This project is an experiment to increase usability and data presentation of the New Jersey ETPL in order to support job seekers in choosing a training program.

Every state provides a list of training programs that a job seeker can get help paying for with a subsidy from the public workforce system. This list is generally called an Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

For people struggling to escape the cycle of low-wage work, subsidized training or paid apprenticeships can dramatically increase opportunities for higher-wage work.

States publish different amounts of data about programs on their ETPL. Some include employment rates, wages, and long-term wage growth, while others provide just titles and descriptions. For example, the New Jersey ETPL exposes a lot of data about each program.
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