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Indeed at Goodwill Career Centers

Help people explore and discover job opportunities
We talked to people facing barriers to employment around the country to understand their job search process. One of the most common things we heard was that people can often be unsure of what keywords to type into Indeed. They might have a specific location in mind, but are not sure what job titles or search terms to use to find the best results. This adds a barrier to quickly exploring what opportunities are nearby or posted recently.

We also learned that some people feel hesitant to type a keyword because they don't want to narrow their search too early. They don’t want to miss opportunities that would be a good fit just because they searched for a specific job title.

With this in mind, we set out to build a feature that would help people explore and discover what jobs are nearby and recently posted. We developed a new section on the portal that people use when using Indeed.com at a Goodwill Career Center.

It highlights a few example searches and a preview of the results. It includes suggested searches that we think will be helpful for a person looking for work in the near future: all jobs near my current location, hiring events in the area, and positions that have indicated they're looking for someone immediately.
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