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Facebook Riff

Create videos together with your friends
Videos are a great way to share an experience with your friends. They can see the world through your eyes, wherever they might be.

Yet there often too many barriers for you to create a video. You might not know what to make a video about, you might be afraid your friends won't like your video, or you might not want to edit and polish your video.
And so your friends might miss out something special in your life.

In 2014, a viral video phenomenon swept the internet. People around the world were sharing videos as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The intimacy and vulnerability shown in these videos was bringing people together around a cause.

Inspired by how these videos were strenghtening friendships, we made an app that reduced the pressure of making a video.

Rather than come up with a new topic, you can just add a clip to a friend's video. The spotlight isn't all on you to create something funny or beautiful. You create a video together with your friends.

After brainstorming with a product manager and engineer to come up with the concept for the app, we worked with a small team in London and Tel Aviv to build the app on iOS and Android.

I designed and prototyped the user interface, produced marketing and App Store materials and built the website.

We launched the app in April 2015.
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