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Facebook Pages

Connect and interact with your favorite artists, restaurants, businesses, etc
When you see posts from a musician, public figure, restaurant, brand or any other business, it's usually in your News Feed. When you visit their Facebook Page, the layout focuses on their posts – which you likely have already seen.

Details and other content from the brand or business aren't easily accessible.

To help people get information quickly, we redesigned the layout to highlight content specific to the page's category.

The sections would be reordered to show you the most relevant data first. A store would have a map and its hours, a restaurant would display photos and a menu, a movie would show videos and reviews.

We designed and built a modular layout system. We presented to Mark Zuckerberg and product leadership and iterated based on feedback.

The redesign didn't launch as originally pitched at the time, but a similar layout highlighting content sections based on category eventually came to Facebook Pages in 2016.
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